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Youth of America Lyrics

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Youth of America Lyric

Birdbrain Lyrics
Scream Soundtrack - Movie, 1996
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Youth of America Say a prayer for the youth of America.
God bless the youth America.
I can't stand their sight anymore,
All the dead kids lying on your door,
And you don't hear a word they're tellin ya.

You're all dead. You're all dead... You've been wasted.

Don't believe a thing they're selling ya.
They got a carrot on a stick in front of ya.
Take it back from a hurting child,
You know they can't even use it now,
And it was yours in the first place anyway.

You're all dead. You're all dead... You've been wasted.

[musical interlude]

You're all dead. You're all dead... Wasted.

Say a prayer for the youth of America... [x4]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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