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I Can Tell Lyrics

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I Can Tell Lyric

Jesse Powell Lyrics
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I Can Tell (intro)- I know you want me ooh,
the way that I wan you.

(verse 1)

So why you peepin' from afar,
Do you want me?
Baby I can tell you why you're wonderin'
What my love's all about and, if I can put it down
Come home with me so you can see, ooh.

Tonight we'll go on and on
Feelin' strong
Let's make love 'till the early mornin'
On and on keep it strong
All night tonight.


I can tell yeah I can tell you want it
Do you well
Girl I'm so into you
Let's do what you want to
I can tell, I can tell you want me

(Verse 2)
So much flavor I Can't lie,
It would be nice
Girl if you would spend the night by my side
Girl if you're feelin' me,
There's more for you to see,
'Cause I want you like you want me

Tonight we'll go on and on
Feelin' strong
Let's make love 'till the break of dawn
On and on keepin strong ooh
Baby you know just what you do,
Girl it all depends on you
Girl I can tell that you want me
And I want you too

(Chorus Repeat 'Till End)

[Thanks to jennifer_iz_here@hotmail.com]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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