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Smash Lyrics

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Murmurs Lyrics
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Smash I dreamed that I knew the secret code
I cracked the formula and found the perfect note
Now it\'s so easy to give you what you need
Your face betrays you, it\'s not so hard to read

Big head, back lash, I see your face and I wanna smash
Smash! Gonna take you far

Your charm, sweet sound, it\'s all for sale
Go climb Mount Everest, I can\'t afford to fail
A certain beauty, that million dollar smile
Just give them what they want before it\'s out of style

You wanna smash - smash!
Gonna take you far
Don\'t wanna crash
Crash! Who do you think you are

Big head, back lash, I see your face and I wanna smash

Have her drink some poisoning
Can get so high you forget how to think

Go cry, and crash
So dry, get trashed
No lie, all thrash
Oh my! more cash!!

You wanna smash...

[Thanks to Luckyday629@aol.com for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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