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Simply Irresistible Lyrics

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Simply Irresistible Lyric

Ginuwine Lyrics
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Simply Irresistible Oh, oh yeah baby
Oh, oh, yeah, oh
Hotter than New Orleans
In summertime you're so fine
You walk by now I wish I could press rewind
You sounding like a disco ball
I can't say no
(Can't say no)
We probably could break some laws
And not be wrong

[1] - Simply irresistible
That is you, that is me
Can't wait to get physical
I want you, you want me
Now it's getting critical
I need you, you need me
I'm so tired of typical
And that ain't you, that ain't me

Picture us in Florida
In the big beach house, full moon out, hey
We probably would melt the couch
When we sit down
And probably take it to the floor
Back and forth (back and forth)
We light up the room like we had a torch

Trust me when I tell you
I anticipate us as one
Next we'll break to see your face
See my face, I'm for real
My good taste and your good shape
They relate no question
Hold my hand, I'll hold your waist
We'll be straight face to face

[Repeat 1 (2x)]

Hotter than New Orleans
At twelve o'clock we so high
We turn heads at every spot
With what we've got
(What we've got)
I know we got something good, something real
Us as one, just ain't fair
No way cause we're

[Repeat 1 till end]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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