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This is a Test Lyrics

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This is a Test Lyric

Chante Moore Lyrics
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This is a Test Are you playing a game?
Then you gotta play by the rules, sugar
How do you think you can win?
I gotta take you to school
Be there at nine o'clock
When you get in the class baby
You need to learn what type of man
For you to be one
You gotta talk that talk
Two you gotta know what'chu talkin' about

[1] - Alright this is test y'all
Come on, come on hit me with your very best y'all
I ain't taking nothing less y'all
I'mma see if we can go all the way, all the way

[Repeat 1]

Show me you can think on that level
Tell me you got more than just now
Cause I'm in the mood to take your mind places
I'm in the mood to get in the mood
Hit me all in my mind boy
Make me never forget you
Cause I need to know it's only mine baby
Before you get my skirt look around my waist
Hold it now

[Repeat 1 (2x)]

Tell me you won't fail me now
I hate to have to put you down
Hope we can see eye to eye
You gotta make me wanna give it try
But still you can't move too fast
You know we gotta make the lovin' last
The thought of you gives me chills
Why don't you show me just how you feel?

If love is a piece of cake
I just got to play
To win in the end
You won't have to play again
If love is a piece of cake
I just got to play
To win in the end
You won't have to play again

[Repeat till end]
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