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I Don't Wanna Lyrics

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I Don't Wanna Lyric

Aaliyah Lyrics
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I Don't Wanna [Chorus:]

I don't want to be
Be without ya, be without ya
I don't want to live
Live without ya, live without ya
I don't want to go
Go without ya, go without ya
I don't want to be alone

[Verse 1:]

When we hooked up
We sat down
Made an agreement
We vowed that
That we always be together
Thru whatever
We said that
No one would ever
Get between us
Said we'd never
Ever leave us
That was a while ago
But now lately
It feels like
I mean I feel like
All we do is fight
Every single night
Can't make it tight
Can't get it right
I just want to go back
Take it way back
All the way back
Can we start again
Do it over
Can we straighten it out
Can we work it out
Cause i don't wanna be



Do you realize
I can't sleep without ya
Think without ya
Speak without ya
Be without ya
I can't even breath without ya
I can't feel without ya
Deal without ya
Spend without ya
My whole world is upside down
Don't wanna go out
Cause I can't ride without ya
Feel like I'm gon die without ya
What is a girl suppposed to do
When i spend my last dime
To be in your life

[Chorus: 2x]


How can we ( said its not working out)
We ought to be ( Always together)
Its hurting me ( That we don't talk no more)
It wasn't supposed to be this way
Where did we go wrong
We both made mistakes
We've got to carry on

[Chorus: 4x]
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