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Waiting For A Girl Like You

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Waiting For A Girl Like You Song Lyrics

Rock Of Ages Soundtrack - Musical, 2009
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Waiting For A Girl Like You LONNY:
Ah, the muses of love. Many a great lyric has called upon their siren song…And now my boy Drew is feeling the magic too.

So long
I've been looking too hard
I've been waiting too long
Sometimes I don't know what I will find
I only know it's a matter of time
When you love someone…
When you love someone

It feels so right
So warm and true
I need to know if you feel it too

Maybe I'm wrong
Won't you tell me if I'm coming on too strong

This heart of mine has been hurt before
This time I wanna be sure!

I've been waiting for a girl like you
To come into my life
I've been waiting for a girl like you
With a love that will survive

I've been waiting for someone new
To make me feel alive

Yeah, waiting for a girl (boy) like you
To come into my life

Drew, I’m actually kinda nervous

Don’t worry, it’s cool. I mean, look, we’re just a couple friends, right? Lookin’ at stars, drinking wine coolers. No

WHAT!? Oh man, he’s gonna kick himself later for that “friend” cr*p. The curse of the nice guy. See, you think it’s the
smart play, ease ‘em in with friendship, but the fact is what they really want? What’s really going on in that head?

You're so good
When we make love it's understood
It's more than a touch or a word can say
Only in dreams could it be this way
When you love someone
Yeah, really love someone
I've been waiting for a boy like you
To come into my life
Yeah, waiting for someone new…

To make you feel alive

[Thanks to Sara for lyrics]
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