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Wooly Bully Lyrics

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Wooly Bully Lyric

Sam The Sham & The Parohs Lyrics
Religulous Soundtrack - Movie, 2008
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Wooly Bully Uno-dos-one-two-tres-quatro
Woolly bully
Watch it now-watch it
yah girl---watch it

Matty told Hatty
About a thing she saw
Had two big horns
And a woolly jaw

Woolly bully-woolly bully-woolly bully
woolly bully -woolly bully

Matty told Hatty
Let's dont take no chance
Let's not be L -seven
Come and learn to dance

Woolly bully-woolly bully-woolly bully
woolly bully- woolly bully
Watch it now-watch it-watch it-watch it

Drive Drive Drive

Matty told Hatty
That's the thing to do
Get you someone really
To pull the wool with you

Woolly bully-woolly bully-woolly bully
woolly bully-woolly bully

Watch it now-watch it-watch it
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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