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Let's Go Get Stoned Lyrics

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Let's Go Get Stoned Lyric

Ray Charles Soundtrack - Movie, 2004
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Let's Go Get Stoned Let's go get stoned
Let's go get stoned
Let's go get stoned
Let's go get stoned

(Now, wait a minute)
You know my baby, she won't let me in
I've got a few pennies, I'm gonna' buy myself a bottle of gin
And then I'm gonna' call my buddy, on the telephone and say
Let's go get stoned

(Now, listen)
You know I work so hard, all day long
Everything I try to do, seems to always turn out wrong
That's why I wanna' stop by, on my way home and say
Let's go get stoned

(Let me tell you one more thing)
Ain't no harm, to have a little taste
But don't lose your cool, and start messing up the man's place
Ain't no harm, to take a little nip
But don't you fall down, and bust your lip
Let's go get stoned (6x)
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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