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Chemistry Lyric

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Chemistry High school chemistry
Your staring at the clock
When he whispers in your ear,
Asking "what are you doing after gym?"

High school chemistry
Let's stop and take a look
At this unstable element
That makes you whisper back to him

We are all under the spell of atomic mass
And now your having trouble concentrating in class
Cause when you look at it under a magnifying glass
Looks like there is no subject harder to pass
Than high school chemistry

(High School Chemistry)
The science of attraction
Something always happens when two forces come together
(High School Chemistry)
Its a chemical reaction when he looks into your eyes
And you know its now or never...

There's a part of you that's growing
There's a part of you that's grown
As your body changes
It rearranges the thought you think you own
'Cause in your heart you know you want him
In your head you think you don't
In your heart you'll know you'll get him
In your head you think you won't

So you push and pull!
Repel and Attract!
Calculate, divide and subtract!
And every cell gets in the outlooks

It's time that you face the facts...

You've got a lot of chemistry!


You could really have a blast.

It's time you look around, cause you can change your state
Its all relative
So get up and relate
How do you expect to find a soul mate?
(We're not talking about a carbonate...)

Here in high school chemistry...
(Some people use it. Some people lose it. We all know how to use it.)
It's all about chemistry
(Some people use it. Some people lose it. We all know how to use it.)
It's time for some chemistry.
(Some people use it. Some people lose it. We all know how to use it.[continues in background])
Take it from me there's nothing better than chemistry.

[Speaking] It's elemental my dear, Langston

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! It's all about chemistry!

[Thanks to Britt for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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