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The Burning Bush Lyrics

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The Burning Bush Lyric

Stephen Schwartz Lyrics
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The Burning Bush God:

Here I am.

Take the sandals from your feet...for the place on which you stand is holy ground.

Who are you?

I AM that I AM.

I don't understand...

I am the God of your ancestors: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

You were born of my mother Jhoheven, you are our brother.

What do you want with me?

I have seen the oppression of My people in Egypt, and have heard their cry.

Stop it! Leave that man alone!

So I have come down to deliver them out of slavery, and bring them to a good land. A land flowing with milk and honey. And so unto
Pharoah, I shall send you.

Me? Who am I to lead these people? They'll never believe me, they won't even listen.

I shall teach you what to say...

Let My people go!

But I was their enemy. I was the Prince of Egypt, the son of the man who slaughtered their children. You've, you've chosen the wrong
messenger. How, how can I even speak to these people?

Who made man's mouth?! Who made the deaf, the mute, the seeing, or the blind?! Did not I?! Now go!

Oh, Moses. I shall be with you when you go to the King of Egypt, but Pharoah will not listen. So I will stretch out My hand, and
smite Egypt with all My wonders. Take the staff in your hand Moses, with it, you shall do My wonders. I shall be with you,

[Thanks to Andrew Vree for lyrics]
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