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Wild Women Do Lyrics

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Wild Women Do Lyric

Natalie Cole Lyrics
Pretty Woman Soundtrack - Movie, 1990
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Wild Women Do Wild women do
And they don't regret it.

You tell me you want a woman who's
As simple as a flower.
Well if you want me to act like that,
You'd better pay me by the hour.

Don't want to travel in the danger zone
Take another number
Don't want a lover who can hold her own
Baby step aside if you don't want to ride

Wild women do
And they don't regret it
Wild women show
What they're goin' through
Wild women do
What you think they'll never
What you only dream about
Wild women do.

You think that love is a vision of
A princess in a picture
Well let me tell you something, little boy
You wouldn't know love if it hit ya

Scared of someone who is off the wall
Kickin' and a screamin'
Don't you want a lover who can do it all?
Listen to me Jack
I ain't holdin' back


Come on and wild with me baby.
Everybody come on,
Everybody get wild.

[CHORUS (to fade)]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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