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Tijuana Lady Lyrics

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Tijuana Lady Lyric

Gomez Lyrics
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Tijuana Lady Take me down to where you hide
Lay me down, lay me down inside
What use now, hold back this Pacific tide

Tijuana lady where did you go
I been chasin' you around old Mehico
Gonna find my way back to San Diego

Baby where'd you hide
Take me down to where you hide
*Play me around, leave me all your sadness
Make no sound, cos I know you'll lie

Tijuana lady, let's take it slow
I know that I'm no head honcho
I'll keep you warm in my silky poncho

Tijuana lady where did you go
I heard you lost a last sombrero
Tijuana lady which way d'you flow
*I'm a el mariachi desparado
[The film Desparado is a remake of the film El Mariachi,]
[both by Robert Rodriguez. any connection?]

Where'd you hide
Tell me where'd you hide

*Enchilada desparado days
Senorita come back and meet me again
Buona vista, senorita, yeah
I love you so come back, be with me again
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