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The Pirate Queen Lyrics


The Pirate Queen Song Lyrics

Holy God
Bless this ship
With pride, and Clan O'Malley green,
I name this ship: "The Pirate Queen"
Give the girl a shot of whiskey
Set the pirate lady free
There are many clans in Ireland
Clan O'Malley rules the sea!
Tell the English merchant ships that pass here,
Treasure in their hold
That the Queen has come to liberate their gold!
Chief Dubhdara's at the helm -
She's as sleek as she is fast
I can feel her halyards creaking
As they strain against the mast
Feel the wind against my cheek
Feel the ocean rise and fall
I've seen many ships but she's
The most exciting ship of all
Holy God
Bless this ship
Here we sail, the Clan O'Malley
On the maiden Pirate Queen
In the whitecaps or the valley
We will pick the English clean
If the English planned to steal our land
They'll pay for it with war
As the pirates see
An Ireland free once more
[Thanks to Chris, Meghan S. for lyrics]

Pirate Queen Lyrics

Soundtrack for Musical, 2007
The Pirate Queen Lyrics by Original Broadway Cast from Pirate Queen Soundtrack (2007). Rating: 4.2/5 (21 votes)