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Nadas Por Free Lyrics

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Nadas Por Free Lyric

Ozomatli Lyrics
Piranha 3D Soundtrack - Movie, 2010
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
Nadas Por Free Listen while you read!
So check my status AKA Senor bad ass
The heavyweight in town, mero mero con ganas
I'm mister get whatever, whenever, however
If you be up in my way, chingadasos forever
I run up on this squinkle, cough up your catera
He's shakin in his chonies reachin for his feria
Out the corner of my eye distracted by some nalgas
This little pinche leva kicks me right in the pelotas

(Ah, Ah, Ah)
Nadas por free

So me levanto off the suelo straight chiando with my pena
But I couldn't stop thinking bout that fine dime nena
You know the one, gigantes chi chis
Hit it, quit it, and then go mi mis
I rolled up on her, que pasa mamacita
I threw my game hard I'm just spittin with no prisas
She sized me up, she looked me up and down
She said you gots to have dinero to take me out on town
I said chilax baby girl, give me ten for my mota
She smiled in my face and kicked me right in the Pelotas

(Ah, Ah, Ah)
Nadas por free
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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