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Fabulous Song Lyrics

Bobby Fabulous and Phineas
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Fabulous Phineas: I don't need to tell you what you already know,
You're the one with style, you're the whole darn show.
The other guys play their instruments fine,
But next to you, their looks are a crime.
Linda: Candace!
Candace: Hot towel!

Bobbi: Well, they say true beauty, it comes from within,
But you have to be comfortable in your own skin.
So I ex foliate with this exotic cream,
Just look at me: I look like a dream!
(Camera shutters)
Phineas: You have to admit, he looks pretty darn good.
Linda: Candace, what is going on?
Candace: Dry cycle!

Chorus: You're the one, yes, you're the star.
We need you back on bass guitar.
You're fabulous. (I'm fabulous!)
You're fabulous. (I'm fabulous!)
You're the one we all can see.
It's all about you. (It's all about me!)
You're fabulous. (I'm fabulous!)
You're fabulous. (I'm fabulous!)

Bobbi: You know, no two people are like each other,
So don't be a look-alike copying another,
Unless, of course, you're copying me,
'Cause that gives you individuality!

Phineas: Nice 'do! But back to the matter at hand.
So what do you say, are you back in the band?
Bobbi: Well, maybe if I can find my old leather.
Phineas: Dude! We're getting the band back together!

Chorus: You're the one who sets the bar.
The Hairdo King, the Fashion Czar.
You're fabulous (I'm fabulous!)
You're fabulous (Oh, I'm fabulous.)
You're the one we all can see.
It's all about you. (It's all about me!)
You're fabulous. (I'm fabulous!)
You're fabulous. (I'm fabulous!)
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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