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This Is Not Over Yet Lyrics

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This Is Not Over Yet Lyric

Parade Soundtrack - Musical, 1998
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Oh, my sweet Lucille! How did you ever manage it?
(to the guard:) You don't know what any of this means?

It means cancel all your parties.
Forget your big parade.
It means the crowd will not be cheering,
So despite what you've been hearing,
You can lay down your spade.

It means my mother can stop crying,
My rabbi's eulogy can wait.
It means that Dorsey can stop beaming,
And my cousin can stop dreaming
Of his portion of my estate.

It means, No! This isn't over!
No, the date's not set!
No, I won't wake up tomorrow
Drowning in my sweat!
It means I've got the greatest partner
Any man can get!
It means I'll never ever ever
Underestimate that woman,
'Cause this is not over yet!

Tell my uncle not to worry!
Tell the Reaper not to hurry!
Make the hangman stop his drumming
'Cause I'm coming into town to win the day!
Somehow I haven't, with my scheming,
Screwed things up beyond redeeming,
And we're finally on our way!
And no, this isn't over!
Hell, it's just begun!
Hail the Resurrection of
The South's lest fav'rite son!
It means I took a vow for better:
And two is better than one!
It means the journey ahead may get shorter;
I might reach the end of my rope;
But suddenly, loud as a mortar,
|There is hope!|Finally, hope!|And no, this isn't over!|No, we aren't through!|No, there's still a million things|That you
and I can do!|And I would never have believed it:
|The things I see in you!
|Yes, Leo, there is hope!|No, this isn't over!|We are fin'lly on our way!|I will speak for you, Leo:|The things I see in

It means a man who isn't guilty
Doesn't have to walk the plank!
It means the gallows still are vacant
And we've got my wife to thank!
It means

You shouldn't underestimate
Lucille and Leo Frank
'Cause this is not over yet!

[Thanks to Taryn for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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