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Prom Tonight Lyrics

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Prom Tonight Lyric

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Prom Tonight Prom Tonighti wish i never made that bet
thats not the guy i want to be
if i could just turn back the clock
then janey would still be...with me!
tell me mom what shoudl i do
i love this boy
but he has been untrue...
i'll do my best to make things right
i wish we could resolve this fight
it could happen..at the prom..TONIGHT!
im gonna get pussy no matter what
even if its with dirty sl*t
true love is what i want the most
i just jerked off in your french toast

so what if we have the same mother
tonight im gonna f**k my brother
in a few hours ill be queen of the prom
ive been an alcholic since my first tour in nam.
i asked janie to the prom and she doesnt know why
im only in this song because im a black guy

i have no money i have to make my own dress
look at me my breasts are perky yes....
i'm gonna win her back no matter what it takes
here i go im going to forget about jake..

prom tonight du du du du du
prom tonight du du du du du
prom tonight du du du du du
it could happen it could happen
at the ppppppppppprrrrrrrooooommmmmm.....
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