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A Warm Place Lyrics


A Warm Place Song Lyrics

i am a big man
(yes i am)
and i have a big gun
got me a big old di*k and i
i like to have fun
held against your forehead
i'll make you suck it
maybe i'll put a hole in your head
you know, just for the f**k of it
i can reduce you if i want
i can devour
i'm hard as f**king steel, and i've got the power
i'm every inch a man, and i'll show you somehow
me and my f**king gun
nothing can stop me now
shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot
i'm going to come all over you
me and my f**king gun
me and my f**king gun

Natural Born Killers Lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 1994
A Warm Place Lyrics by Nine Inch Nails from Natural Born Killers Soundtrack (1994). Rating: 4.2/5 (24 votes)