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Good News Song Lyrics


Good News Song Song Lyrics

People hear the news
I got some to yell about okay
People get the news
Here somethings to swell about
Good news
Clip your fingers
Good news
Stamp your feet all your fingers
Good news
Feel the beat wakey wakey
Sake your ass shakey shakey
Mrr massss good newss
Ok sister hear the word
There no need for big star
Burst time for huddle time for dance
Your all gonna need some bigger pants
Good news good news yh good
Good news
You beg the dorr
You get the ideas
Tried every day about a year
All got to think and then
With even though u havent seen
Good news good news yh good news
Neeeeeeeeeew good news ahhhhhhh
[Thanks to Lauren for lyrics]

Nativity! Lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2009
Good News Song Lyrics by Nativity! Cast from Nativity! Soundtrack (2009). Rating: 4.3/5 (28 votes)