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Blind Spot Lyrics

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Blind Spot Lyric

Transmatic Lyrics
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Blind Spot Don't try and make this special
I can't help but to bring you down
But I know you'll find me out
Just tell where we're going
Cause if you think twice, well, then it makes it clear
That I can't get by...waving a fake diamond ring.

Hit me in the blind spot...over again
And I don't have to tell you why
Stay where you are
Never stay where you are.

Can't tell you if I'm ready but I feel like
I can make it back
But you know it's not as easy as it seems
So what do you think you doing
Getting away before you wake me up

God, I can't get by waving a fake diamond ring.


Thanks a lot. Let me drop. I'm coming around
It's the thing I thought I'd never find

What's the deal with this? Everybody's messed up lately.
And I'm sorry about ya coming from the bottom of my mind.

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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