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Dance With Me Tonight

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Dance With Me Tonight Song Lyrics

Hugh Grant
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Dance With Me Tonight It’s been so long
Since I’ve known right from wrong
Got no job, sometimes I just sit down and sob
Wondering if anything will go right
Or will you dance with me tonight

When the sun departs
I feel a hole down in my heart
Put on some shoes
Come down here and listen to the blues
Wondering if anything will go right
Or will you dance with me tonight

I’m looking at you
You’re looking at me
We’re the only two off the dance floor
Do you see what I see
Two broken lives working in harmony
Might make for a decent time
So get up and dance with me

I know that it seems that the grass will grow
Better on the other side of the barb wire fence
But that other side is not in sight
So I’m fine with what I have now
If you’ll dance with me tonight

What’s the point of life
If risk is just a board game
You roll the dice
But you’re just hoping that the rules change
What’s the point if you can’t bring yourself to say
Things you wanna say like
Dance with me tonight

[Thanks to Christine for lyrics]
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