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The World Is for the Young

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The World Is for the Young Song Lyrics

Herman's Hermits
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The World Is for the Young Gloria: Looking in the mirror last night,
My grey hair turned to black.
Looking in the mirror last night
Pleasant memories came back.
Why, I remember back when i was seventeen
And all the things i wanted to do
The world was new.

Tulip: The world is for the young
C'mon, we're on our way.
Its a wonderful place.
What we done and what we're going to do.
Then we'll have changed it's face.

Mr Brown: Searching through some papers last night
A sweet scent filled the air.
It came from the letter i found
And a lock of dark hair.

It belonged to a girl who was in love with me.
And she written that without me, she'd die.
Mrs Brown: I wonder why?

Mrs Brown: Looking through an album last night
I came acrossed a snap.
That showed a handsome youth
With a girl sitting on his lap.

"Valentino?" i thought, with his sleeked black hair,
And Mary Pigford was on his knee.
But it was me!

Mr & Mrs: The world is for the young
But they'll soon find out
When they come to explore,
The strange new lands of expirience.
But we've been there before.

Mr: Trying to recapture the past
Only makes me regret.
The passing of an age and all the people that i've met.

Gloria: A ride on a tram on the upper deck,
With a boy with a Fairbanks moustache.
We were so rash.

All: The world is for the young
It was always so.

Mr, Mrs, Gloria: It's not ours anymore
But, they'll find out when they follow us.
'cause we've been there before.
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