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Rocket Science Lyrics

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Rocket Science

The Pimps Lyrics
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Rocket Science Within this dime-a-dozen world
I swear they must've broke the mold
Cuz you're the only soul I've met
that I would kill to call my own.
Let it be known, I'm not aggressive, or possessive
All I know is, I would kill to make you mine
& I am usually not this bold
Let it be known....

I never wanted to be anybody's anything....

Anything at all,
I'm rather small, yet all my shortcomings stand tall
I've crawled upon my hands & knees
out of the fear that I could fall
& through it all it's left me withered,
feeling bitter bought & sold,
been told I'm not the nicest person
that you'll ever get to know
Let it be known....

I never wanted to be anybody's anything....

Weaving through this dust
I trust nobody else but us
I must admit It'd take some years
for me to walk without this crutch
So on & such, I'd still be f**ked
If I am forced to walk alone
& should I crumble at your feet
I'll hold us both accountable
Let it be known....

I never wanted to be anybody's anything....
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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