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Here She Comes

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Here She Comes Song Lyrics

Bonnie Tyler
Metropolis Soundtrack - Movie, 2008
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Here She Comes (Pete Bellotte, Giorgio Moroder)

Shade begins to steal the light
Confusion throws another mystery
It's out for focus with eye
So now you wonder is this just a dream

Here she comes, here she comes
She's gonna cause a sensation now
And just between you and me
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I think she'll soon have you temptation bound
Here she comes, here she comes
It's the moment you've been waiting for
See the face and see that smile
You've never seen the likes of her before

Suppose-who knows
She's not above suspicion
Is she-maybe
On some kind of secret mission-better listen

There's still some pieces missing
I sense-I feel
Trust my institution don't rush into your decision

Now here's a riddle in a rhyme
If she's the same how came she's different now
The same old eyes but bot the shine
You know you're certain but you're full of doubt

Here she comes, here she comes
She's gonna have you at her beck and call
So why refuse, yeah why contend
When all resistance is impossible
This lady's serious make no mistake
Face to face and eye to eye
She'll cast a spell that you may never break
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