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Overdrive Lyrics

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Overdrive Lyric

Katy Rose Lyrics
Mean Girls Soundtrack - Movie, 2004
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Overdrive Outta bed at the crack of noon
Blare the music and have a swoon
I can't stop thinkin of your face
La la lee la lee loo lace

I'm six feet under the Bhodi Tree
With my cr*p new-age philosophy
Diamonds where there once were stars
I'm sittin in Jayne Mansfeild's car

Yea yea-a I'm independence
Yea yea-a I'm borderline
Yea yea-a I'm California
My minds all screwed and upside down
But my heart's on overdrive (yea my heart's on overdrive)

I need to take a shower when I look at you
Ya sting and hurt like a bad tattoo
I wish you'd change my point of view

I cruise the canyon to get a breeze
With Hidden Treasures up my sleeve
I like the light and hate the heat
But I'll lick the blood right off your street

Yea yea-a I'm cherry cola
Yea yea-a I'm candy-eyed
Yea yea-a I'm California
My mind's all screwed and upside down
But my heart's on over drive

They all come here to find a scene
But end up girls on methadrine
Naked on a TV screen
The dreams that fall beneath my feet
Make my footsteps feel so sweet
But your kisses are my fait accompli

I'm independence
Yea-a I'm borderline
Yea-a I'm California
My mind's all screwed and upsidedown
But my heart's on overdrive
Yea my heart's on overdrive
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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