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Lynne & Andy Lyrics


Lynne & Andy Song Lyrics

[ANDY:] Hey!
[LYNNE: (laughing)] What?
[ANDY:] Wanna go to Memphis and get married?
[LYNNE:] Do I wanna go to Memphis and get married?
[ANDY:] Mm hmm...
[LYNNE:] Wha-haa? (Pauses, then changes tone.) Why Memphis?
[ANDY:] Because Memphis is the wrestling capital of the
world. I'll get up in the ring, and I'll announce that the
I'll marry the FIRST woman who beats me. Then you can get up,
and we'll wrestle, and I'll let you win, and ...
You'll let me win? [laughs.]
[ANDY:] ... yes, I'll let you win. I'll let you. Then we'll run
off and get married on the David Letterman show.
[LYNNE:] God.
[ANDY:] O.K.? (He kisses her.) Whaddaya say?
[LYNNE:] Is this for real?

Man on the Moon Lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 1999
Lynne & Andy Lyrics by R.E.M. from Man on the Moon Soundtrack (1999). Rating: 4.2/5 (25 votes)