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GOOCH'S SONG Song Lyrics

Mame Soundtrack - Musical, 1999
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GOOCH'S SONG Agnes Gooch:

With my wings resolutely spread, Missis Burnside,

And my old inhibitions shed, Missis Burnside,

I did each little thing you said, Missis Burnside,

I lived! I lived! I lived!

I altered the drape of a drop of my bodice

And softened the shape of my brow;

I followed directions

And made some connections,

But what do I do now?

Who'd think this Miss Prim would have opened a window

As far as her whim would allow;

And who would suppose it was so hard to close it,

Oh, what do I do now?

I polished and I powdered and puffed myself,

If life is a banquet I stuffed myself;

I had my misgivings, but went on a field trip,

To find out what living's about.

My thanks for your training,

Now I'm not complaining,

But you left something out!

Instead of wand'ring on with my lone remorse,

I have come back home to complete the course,

Oh, what do I do now?

Missis Burnside,

I traveled to hell in my new veneer,

And look what I got as a souvenir;

But still I'll defend you

As guide and instructor,

Would I recommend you and how.

Although I was leery, I thrived on your theory,

That life can be a wow!

You said there's nothing wrong with a harmless smooch,

So I'm gonna call him Burnside Gooch,

But what do I do now?
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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