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Cryin' Shame Lyrics

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Cryin' Shame Lyric

Lyle Lovett Lyrics
Major League Soundtrack - Movie, 1989
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Cryin' Shame You got you some legs baby
That just won't quit
You got a pretty boy
And he looks pretty hip
You got you one on the sly
But you gave him the slip
And that's just a cryin' shame

'Cause you love the boy
With pretty green eyes
And you love the boy
Who says he's so clever and wise
And you love the boy
Who's always telling you lies
And that's just a cryin' shame

Sometimes it never quits raining
Sometimes that phone just won't ring
Sometimes I never miss nothing
And sometimes I miss anything

But you like 'em tall when it's raining
And you like 'em dark when you're feeling no pride
But you never felt anything that you wanted to hide
And that's just a cryin' shame

So he says you look lovely my dear
You say thank you I'm fine
And you spend all his money
And you spend all his time
And you spend the night
Like you were spending a dime
And that's just a cryin' shame
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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