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What Goes Around

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What Goes Around Song Lyrics

Khadejia f/ Marie Antoinette
Life Soundtrack - Movie, 1997
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What Goes Around [Background Vocals: MB2]

Refugee Camp
Hey yo, Khadejia, Khadejia

I hope when you receive this letter
You're in good health
Keep your head up, baby
See you home in the year 2,000


[1 - Khadejia]
What goes around
It comes back around again
It's the chance I take, I keep the faith
And hope one day you beat the case
And ay yah yah yah

I been around (Baby)
Singing background (Baby)
Please listen to my demo (Baby)
Now I got a deal
How does it feel (Baby)
When you don't know what is real (Baby)
All I have is thoughts of you (Baby)
Hoping that my dreams come true

[2] - What goes up must come down
So we spread love all around
To the ghettos everywhere
Throw your hands up, boy
Cuz I'll always be right here


3 - What goes around
It comes back around again
I've been around thugs
Around danced around
Time to shine
Yah, yah

[Repeat 1]

People will smile all in your face
Promise you the world just to get inside
I can't deny sometimes I fell for the hype
Then I opened up my eyes, I saw demons in disguise

[Repeat 2]
[Repeat 3]
[Repeat 1]

Yo, yo, now they got my boo, bust a federal blue
Slip on shoes in the hole for breakin' house rules
Payin' street dues, doin' time for his block
While I'm sellin' his insurance, crack Plymouth Rock
So when the gun blow, we find new gun hole
Willie hiding in the weeping willow from my shadow, Billy
Tryin' a rubber Khadejia free, in Japan it Lucia vest might be
But your head ain't bulletproof

They can't hold you down no more, no more
They can't hold me down no more, no more
(Put your lighters in the air)
They can't hold you down no more, no more
They can't hold me down no more, no more

Where you from, where you from
Where you from, where you from
Brooklyn, Brooklyn, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

[Repeat 3,1 until fade]
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