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Free Lyric

Donavan Frankenreiter feat. Jack Johnson Lyrics
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Free we could let this love be the fading sky
we could drift all night into the new sunrise
pass me a drink
or, maybe two
one for me and one for you
and we'll be

free (x4)

here comes
colder winds and the changing tides
we better drop them sails and get inside
when will the weather ever let us go
i guess we'll have to wait until the trade winds blow
and we'll be

free (x4)

there's nothing in between
what we are
what we see
there's nothing in between
what we are
what we see
what we are
we are just

on a life boat
sailing home
with our drunken hearts
and tired bones
well i just take one last look around
yeah, and everyplace feels like a familiar town
and now we're

free (dontcha wanna be)
free (from time to time a little)
free (hey now now)
free (i know, ya know ya)
free (feels so good to be)
free (mmmhmm)
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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