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Burnin' Hell Lyrics


Burnin' Hell Song Lyrics

Everybody talking about burnin’ hell,
It ain’t no heaven, it ain’t no burn at all.
When I die, when I go, go until
Everybody talking about burnin’ hell.
Yeah, yeah.
My momma told me and papa, too
Go tell ‘em judging, see di*k and Jules?
Yeah, di*k in Jules in, in a hundred out of suit,
I said di*k and Jules is in burning hell
Yeah, di*k and Jules, damn on your hear
Damn on your name and brand new name
And a hundred out of sume, damn on name
di*k and Jules playing with me.
Everybody talking, burnin’ hell
There ain’t no heaven and there ain’t no burnin’ hell.
When I die, when I go, nobody tell, everybody talking about burnin’ hell.
One, two, three, stop.

Lawless Lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2012
Burnin' Hell Lyrics by The Bootleggers feat. Nick Cave from Lawless Soundtrack (2012). Rating: 4.8/5 (20 votes)