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Nowhere Lyrics

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Nowhere Lyric

Darien Lyrics
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Nowhere I wouldn't leave
If you begged me to go
how could I leave you
when you need me most?
fairweather people
in and out of your life
have tried there best
to extinguish your light
but when I was a seed you
you helped me to grow
so I offer my shoulders
to carry your load

I heard you reap
all that you sow
When your crops come in
you'll harvest gold
and just like the trees do
our roots run deep
so time cannot steal
all of our memories
so you go head and sleep now
it'll be alright
cause when you awake
I'll be right by your side

In my mind I can see just
how it's gonna go
they're gonna throw a parade for you
when they welcome you home
and life without you at
first will be cold
but I'll have your memories
to warm up my soul
and I'll hold you down
like a torch holds a flame
and make sure the world
will remember your name
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