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Ain't We Got Fun

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Ain't We Got Fun Song Lyrics

Renee Olstead
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Ain't We Got Fun Bill collectors gather
'Round and rather
Haunt the cottage next door
Men the grocer and butcher sent
Men who call for the rent
But with in a happy chappy
And his bride of only a year
Seem to be so cheerful
Here's an earful
Of the chatter you hear

Just to make their trouble nearly double
Something happen'd last night
To their chimney a gray bird came
Mister Stork is his name
And I'll bet two pins
A pair of twins
Just happen'd in with the bird
Still they're very gay and merry
Just at dawning I heard

Every morning
Every evening
Ain't we got fun
Not much money
Oh but honey
Ain't we got fun
The rent's unpaid dear
We haven't a bus
But smiles were made dear
For people like us
In the winter in the Summer
Don't we have fun
Times are bum and getting bummer
Still we have fun
There's nothing surer
The rich get rich and the poor get children
In the meantime
In the between time
Ain't we got fun.

Every morning
Every evening
Don't we have fun
Twins and cares dear come in pairs dear
Don't we have fun
We've only started
As mommer and pop
Are we downhearted
I'll say that we're not
Landlords mad and getting madder
Ain't we got fun
Times are so bad and getting badder
Still we have fun
There's nothing surer
The rich get rich and the poor get laid off
In the meantime
In between time
Ain't we got fun.
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