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She's Got That Vibe Lyrics

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She's Got That Vibe Lyric

R. Kelly & Public Announcement Lyrics
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She's Got That Vibe A yo R. Kelly
What's up man
You been spending a lot of time with this girl man
I don't know man
She just got that vibe you know what I'm saying
Aiight tell em the script
Aiight bet

Vibe, vibe, vibe
You've got that vibe
Vibe, vibe, vibe
You've, you've, you've got that
Vibe, vibe, vibe
Girl you've got
That vibe

Ooh, stop the press
Girl you turn me on
And I wonder
If I could take you home
I must confess
The tight mini-skirt you wear
I just can't help it baby
I can't help but stare
Tell the dj
To pump it up a little more
Hey girl
I gotta let you know
That you've got that vibe

Repeat chorus

It's one o'clock
And the party's just beginning
The place is jumping
Ooh what a lovely scene
Gotta let you know
Let you know the deal
I want you now baby
And I'm for real
Tell the dj
To pump it up a little more
Now baby
I gotta let you know that
You've got that vibe

Repeat chorus

How would you like to get
A piece of this pie
- You could be my girl
And I could be your guy
Yeah cuddle me in your arms
Like I'm your teddy bear
There isn't that nice
You'll have no fear yo
- Kiss me you fool
And make me melt like butter
When it comes to sayin' I love you
I won't st-st-st-stuttter
I'll turn you on like a neon light
Make everything alright
Like in the middle of the night
Yo when you need somebody to love you
- Yeah
Like flintstones we'll have a yabbadabbadoo
Kiss and caress you and hold you
And my word is born
Yo P. A
- Wassup
She's got that vibe huh

Sing it with me baby
Sing it with me baby
She's got that vibe (8x)

Repeat chorus

You're looking good
Feels so nice

Joann's got it
Leonice has got it
Theresa's got it
Tonia's got it
I tell ya Cheryl's got it
Boy I tell you
Betty's got it
Chip has got it
And Ann's got it

I've gotta let you know
You've got that vibe
C'mon baby
Go to work on me
Go to work on me
Go to work on me
Go to work on me babe
Go to work on me
Go to work on me
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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