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It Won't Be Long Now Lyrics

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It Won't Be Long Now Lyric

Vanessa, Usnavi, Sonny Lyrics
In The Heights Soundtrack - Musical, 2008
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It Won't Be Long Now VANESSA:
The elevated train by my
Window doesn't faze me anymore
The rattling screams don't
Disrupt my dreams
It's a lullaby, in it's way
The elevated train drives
Everyone insane but I don't
Mind, Oh no
When I bring back boys they
Can't tolerate the noise
And that's ok, cuz I never let
Them stay
And one day, I'm hoppin' that
Elevated train and I'm riding away!
It won't be long now!

The boys around the way
Holler at me when I'm walking
Down the street
Their machismo pride doesn't
Break my stride-
It's a compliment, so they say
The boys around the way
Holler at me every day but I
Don't mind, Oh no
If I'm in the mood, it will not
Be with some dude
Who is whistling cuz he has
Nothing to say
Or who's honking at me from
His chevrolet
And one day... I'm hoppin' in a
Limousine and I'm driving away!
It won't be long now!

Good morning, Vanessa!
If it isn't the loveliest girl in the place.

You got some schmutz on your face.

Good morning!

Good morning!


Vanesssssaaaaaaa! I'm thirsty, cono!

Can I get a Pepsi and some packing tape?

Uh, my cousin over there with his tongue hanging out, has been meaning to ask you...


What a lady such as yourself might be doing tonight?

Does your cousin dance?

Like a drunk Chita Rivera.

Okay... After Nina's dinner, we can hit a few clubs and check out the fireworks...

Oh snap! Who's that? Don't touch me,
I'm too hot! Yes!
Que paso? He I go! So dope!
Y tu lo sabes!
No Pare

Sigue Sigue!

Did you see me?

Freaky Freakit!

What a way to begin the weekend,
Sonny, anything you want is free, Man!
And my dearly beloved
Dominican Republic
I haven't forgotten


Gotta see this honey,
Make a little money
And one day I'll hop Jet


But until that fateful day,
I'm gratefule
I got a destination.
I'm runnin' to make it home
and home's what Vanessa's
Runnin' away from!
I'm runnin' to make it home
And home is what Vanessa's
Runnin' away from...

The neighborhood salon is
The place I am working for the moment
As I cut their hair, ladies
Talk and share-
Every day, who's doing who and why.
The neighborhood salon
Doesn't pay me what I wanna
Be making but I don't mind
As I sweep the curb I can hear
Those turbo engines
Blazing a trail through the sky
I look up and think about the
Years gone by
But one day-I'm walking to JFK
And I'm gonna fly!
It won't be long now!
Any day.

[Thanks to Justin J, Hilary Klapholz, Ariel for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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