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There Is No Alternative Lyrics

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There Is No Alternative Lyric

Tina Sugandh Lyrics
Ice Princess Soundtrack - Movie, 2005
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There Is No Alternative --Indian music--

Trapt inside an ugly life
Stuck in my cuccoon
I needed some wings to make it right
I had to fly away real soon
I busted out and headed straight
And now im loving life
Cause nothing can get in my way
Im the pretiest thing in the sky


Break me,break me
You think you can take me, take me


oooh your wrong,wrong
You've been held down too long,long
I'm gonna gone, gone
Cause this is the way I wanna live
There is no alternative

All the colors of the world
Painted onto me
I think of being a black and white girl
Now finally im free
I busted through the atmosphere
Into the clouds I'll fly
Cause up ontop is where I stay
now I'll do what I like

This is the way I want to live
there is no alternative

Everybody knows
that I can't told to be anything but me
be who I wanna be
Chang my life so suddenly
Just like aratatata
Im free
Now that i know that life is cold
I can always be strong
Like if somebody's gone

*Indian music*

Chorus x2

-This is the way I wannna live
There is no alternative - x3

[Thanks to Yalda Yazarlou for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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