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Good Woman Down

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Good Woman Down Song Lyrics

Mary J. Blige
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Good Woman Down Intro:

In my life
I've seen
It all
Now it's time
For me
To pass
On this
Knowledge to you
All my sisters
My troubled sisters
This is my
Gift to you

1st Verse:

Been many days
Couldn't take
The pain
Felt like
I should take
My life away
See it everyday
In every other
Young sisters face
(Young sister, sister)
See'em cryin' out
Life full of doubt
Runnin' in the streets
No self esteem
Thinkin' that
Use to be me
What a shame


And life
Is a mutha
It's hard
To sit back
And see
The same thing
Happen to me
Happen to you
This ain't love
But here's
The love
I wanna give to you


It dosen't
Matter what
They say or do
Don't let'em
Get to you
Don't be afraid
You can, you can
You can breakthrough
Take what
I've been through
To see that
You can't
Hold a good
Woman down

Went through
The same point
Of givin' up
I-I felt
Like I had enough
Went to the edge
Of the ledge
But I didn't jump
"My Life"
Will sum it up
You can't
Hold a good
Woman down

2nd Verse:

When I use to see
My daddy beat
My mother down
Down to her feet
I use to say
That ain't gon'
Never be me
(Never be me)
Now look at you
Bruised up
From him
Girl recognize
You're better then
Him tellin' you
That he'll never hit
You again
Girl don't cry

Repeat B-Sect 1x

Repeat Chorus 1x


Through your changes
I will hold your hand
Use my songs
As remedies
Whenever you're feelin'
Down or blue
I'll be there for you
And know
That I've been
Where you're at
Seen the things
That you can see
Lookin' at you
Resembles me
But you gotta
Hold your own

Repeat Chorus 1x


Can't hold me
Can't hold me
Can't hold me
Can't hold me
Can't hold me
Can't hold me
You can't hold me

Can't hold me
Can't hold me
Can't hold me
Can't hold me
Can't hold me
Can't hold me
You can't hold me


Their you have it
I'm still with you
My sisters
My troubled sisters
I still have troubles, too
You're not alone
I'll always be there
For you
Rock on

You can't hold
A good woman down
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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