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Dragon's Den

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Dragon's Den (Instrumental) Song Lyrics

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This composition "Dragon's Den (Instrumental)" contains no lyrics and fully instrumental.
Melody was included in original CD album "How To Train Your Dragon" from official Cartoon soundtrack in 2010 year.
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

Song title Artist name
This Is Berk (Instrumental) This Is Berk Video add
Dragon Battle (Instrumental) Dragon Battle Video add
The Downed Dragon (Instrumental) The Downed Dragon Video add
Dragon Training (Instrumental) Dragon Training Video add
Wounded (Instrumental) Wounded Video add
The Dragon Book (Instrumental) The Dragon Book Video add
Focus, Hiccup! (Instrumental) Focus, Hiccup! Video add
Forbidden Friendship (Instrumental) Forbidden Friendship Video add
New Tail (Instrumental) New Tail Video add
See You Tomorrow (Instrumental) See You Tomorrow Video add
Test Drive (Instrumental) Test Drive Video add
Not So Fireproof (Instrumental) Not So Fireproof Video add
This Time For Sure (Instrumental) This Time For Sure Video add
Astrid Goes For A Spin (Instrumental) Astrid Goes For A Spin Video add
Romantic Flight (Instrumental) Romantic Flight Video add
Dragon's Den (Instrumental) Dragon's Den Video add
The Cove (Instrumental) The Cove Video add
The Kill Ring (Instrumental) The Kill Ring Video add
Ready The Ships (Instrumental) Ready The Ships Video add
Battling The Green Death (Instrumental) Battling The Green Death Video add
Counter Attack (Instrumental) Counter Attack Video add
Where's Hiccup? (Instrumental) Where's Hiccup? Video add
Coming Back Around (Instrumental) Coming Back Around Video add
The Vikings Have Their Tea (Instrumental) The Vikings Have Their Tea Video add
Sticks and Stones Jonsi

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