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Hallelujah! Song Lyrics

Tony Martin/Vic Damone/Rex Dennis
Hit the Deck! Soundtrack - Movie, 1955
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Hallelujah! I'm recalling times when I was small, in light and free jubilee days,
Old folks praying everybody swaying,
Loudly, I chanted my praise.
How I sang about the Judgement morn,
And of Gabriel tooting on his horn.
In that sunny land of milk and honey,
I had no complaints,
While I thought of Saints
So I say to all who feel forlorn:

Sing "Hallelujah! Hallelujah!" and you'll shoo the blues away:
When cares pursue you, "Hallelujah!"
Gets you through the darkest day.
Satan lies awaiting and creating skies of grey,
But "Hallelujah! Hallelujah!"
Helps to shoo the clouds away.
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

Song title Artist name
Main Title  add Hit The Deck ST
Hallelujah! Tony Martin/Vic Damone/Rex Dennis
An Armful Of You An Armful Of You Video add The M-G-M Studio Orchestra
Keepin' Myself For You Keepin' Myself For You Video add Ann Miller/Tony Martin/Betty Noyes/Gloria Wood/Loulie Jean Norman/Betty Wand
Lucky Bird Lucky Bird Video add Jane Powell
A Kiss Or Two A Kiss Or Two Video add Debbie Reynolds & Boys Trio
Keepin' Myself For You (Reprice) (Instrumental)  add The M-G-M Studio Orchestra
Why Oh Why Why Oh Why Video add Jane Powell/Debbie Reynolds/Ann Miller
Sometimes I'm Happy Sometimes I'm Happy Video add Jane Powell
I Know That You Know Jane Powell/Vic Damone
The Lady From The Bayou The Lady From The Bayou Video add Ann Miller
An Armful Of You (Reprise) (Instrumental)  add The M-G-M Studio Orchestra
Dormi Dormi (Outtake)  add Kay Armen/Vic Damone
Ciribiribin Ciribiribin Video add Kay Armen/Vic Damone/Jane Powell/Debbie Reynolds/Rex Dennis
Why Oh Why (Reprise) Why Oh Why (Reprise) Video add Jane Powell/Debbie Reynolds/Ann Miller
More Than You Know Tony Martin
Fun House Sequence (The Harbor Of My Heart/A Kiss Or Two)  add The M-G-M Studio Orchestra
Sometimes I'm Happy (Reprise/Outtake)  add Jane Powell/Vic Damone
Overture  add The M-G-M Studio Orchestra
Theatre Stage Chase Number (Medley: Join The Navy/Loo Loo)  add Theatre Stage Chase Number (Medley: Join The Navy/Loo Loo)
Hallelujah! (Reprise/Finale)  add Kay Armen/Jane Powell/Debbie Reynolds/Ann Miller/Tony Martin/Vic Damone
End Cast (Join The Navy)  add The M-G-M Studio Orchestra

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