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This Is The Life Lyrics

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This Is The Life Lyric

Miley Cyrus Lyrics
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This Is The Life VERSE 1

Take the world
Shake and stir
And that’s what I got going on
Throw my cares
Up in the air
And I don’t think they’re coming down
Yeah I love how it feels right now


Cause this is the life
Hold on tight
And this is the dream
It’s all I need
You never know where you’ll find it
I’m gonna take my time, yeah
I’m still gettin it right
This is the life


Takin’ in
A whole new scene
And I’m swimming with a new crowd
Breakin down
The old four walls
And I’m building them up from the ground
Yeah I love how it feels right now



Gonna follow my own lead, yeah
Kick back and feel the breeze
Nothing but the blue sky
As far as I can see
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