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Got Your Number Lyrics

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Got Your Number Lyric

Nadia Oh Lyrics
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Got Your Number Do you remember when we first met?
The way you looked I can't forget
I smiled at you
And you smiled back
It felt just like a heart attack
It happened time and time again
I couldn't wait to see you again
Your big brown eyes
Your pretty hair
And this is what I said
I didn't even care

I know your name
I got ur number
I know your game
And now I wonder
If you want me
Like I want you
I got your name
And I got ur number

Now I don't know
Quite what to do
Cause all I think of
Is calling you
But do you feel
the same way too?
Cause I know I
I'm feeling you
Don't get it twisted
I know I'm hot
Just need to know
If you feel me or not
I know your name
I got ur number
And if you want me baby
I can come over


All I want to do
Is see you again
All I want to do
Is see you again

I know your name I got your number
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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