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Lucky in Love

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Lucky in Love Song Lyrics

Good News! Cast
Good News! Soundtrack - Musical, 1996
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Lucky in Love Tom:
Dear I never Gamble,
Sweetheart I refuse,
Not because I'd Hate to,
Simply Cause I always lose.
Lucky Boys that gamble
Tell me that it pays,
But ive got luck
That beats their luck
A thousand different ways.
Lucky in love
Lucky in love
What else matters
If you'e lucky in love
Good breaks are few
Few skies are blue,
But bad luck scatters
Every time I'm with you
I don't mind that at poker
I'm green
If I stand Ace high
With a beautiful queen
I'll say I'm
Lucky in Love
If you take me
That would make me
Oh so Lucky in Love

Playing cards and Loving
Might be lots of fun
I was always certain
That I'd lost at either one
But with you beside me
I begin to see
Fate has planned
A winning hand
As long as you're with me
Lucky in Love
Lucky in Love
Could I really be
So Lucky in Love
I never knew
Wishes came true
But seeing you
I am convinced that they do
Lady fortune has
Shown me her smile
And the stars are grinning
If just for a while
I'm feeling Lucky in Love
If you love me
Stars above me
say you're Lucky in Love

Lucky in Love
Lucky in Love
What else matters if you're
Lucky in Love
Good breaks are few
Few skies are blue
But bad luck scatters
Every time I'm with you

Lucky in Love
Lucky in Love
I was born to be so
Lucky in Love
Others it seems
Only have schemes
But my life's peaching
With the man of my dreams
Daddy told me
To set my hopes high
Well my man is gorgeous
And handsome and I
Whats more I'm
Lucky in Love
Boys adore me
Lucky for me
I'm so Lucky in Love

Lucky in Love!

Lucky in Love?

Don't you realize
You're Lucky in Love

Girls like to tease

I like to please

Would it be fatal
If i gave you a squeeze

I'm a half-pint

You're just the right size

But, you make me nervous

Then Look in my eyes
and sat, "I'm Lucky"
How you thrill me

Beef would kill me
I'd be lucky but dead!

Guys don't mind if
At poker they're green
If they stand Ace-high
With a beautiful queen
We'll say we're
Lucky in Love
If you take me
That would make me
Oh so Lucky in Love
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