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This Hollywood Life Lyrics

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This Hollywood Life Lyric

Mudville Lyrics
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This Hollywood Life Who said gravity's a joke
it plays well in this chair
that get-along-and-stare, tow-headed oyster
thinks that he's free

How to get a lock and over, my my
when I'd rather be wandering the aisles

Oh, I like this Hollywood life

Call to the vipers, weaned on TV
in line ahead of me
oh, I see what they see
this time I recognize my enemy's might
beautiful in the Safeway light

Oh, I like this Hollywood life

Oh, I'm doing what I like
In packages and vain dreams I head away, over
oh, its the bane of me
to watch dirty urban birds baptise the whole
corral of shopping carts
so full of soul

Oh, I like this Hollywood life

Sixteen days running we made the old scene
if only I could leave for the coast
Some nu-lite companions, all Roxy-ed and lean
I suspected them faked out and sore
but I could keep going for seventeen more
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