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Superhoney Lyrics

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Superhoney Lyric

Edwin & The Pressure Lyrics
Ghost Ship Soundtrack - Movie, 2002
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

Superhoney I haven't slept in days I kick the can around
Can't even smoke a J and chew my bubble gum
Don't have the time to talk and joke or hang around
This superhoney's coming down

(Woo hoo) Little Miss Electro
(Woo hoo) She's pluggin' me in
(Woo hoo) A technicolor freak show
(Woo hoo) She's my original sin
Closer to Reno

You wanna keep on talkin' sayin' nothin' good
I wanna keep you thinkin' like you never should
We're spending all night long in never never land
This superjunkie's spinnin' round

(Woo hoo) Little Miss Electro
(Woo hoo) She's pluggin' me in
(Woo hoo) She loves to go retro
(Woo hoo) She's my original sin

You're just another hit that I'm dependin' on
You're just another taste that I've been sucking on
In your big brass bed you never sleep
In your big brass bed you n-n-never...

(Woo hoo) Little Miss Electro
She's pluggin me in
A technicolor freak show
She's my original sin

(Woo hoo) Little Miss Electro
(Woo hoo) She's my original sin
(Woo hoo) Little Miss Electro
(Woo hoo) She's my original sin
Superhoney (Woo hoo)
Superhoney (Woo hoo)
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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