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Glad To Have A Friend Like You Lyrics

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Glad To Have A Friend Like You Lyric

Marlo Thomas Lyrics
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Glad To Have A Friend Like You Carol Hart - Glad to Have a Friend Like You

[Performed by Marlo Thomas]

Jill told Bill that it was lots of fun to cook
Bill told Jill that she could bait a real fish hook
So they made ooey gooey chocolate cake, sticky-licky sugar topped
And they gobbled it and giggled
And they sat by the river and they fished in the water
And they talked as the squirmy wormies wiggled

Singin', glad to have a friend like you
Fair and fun and skippin' free
Glad to have a friend like you
And glad to just be me

Pearl told Earl that they could do a secret code
Earl told Pearl there was free ice-cream when it snowed
So they sent funny letters that contained myst'ry messages
And nobody knew just how they made it
And they raised up the window and they scooped all the snow together
Put milk and sugar in and ate it

Peg told Greg she liked to make things out of chairs
Greg told Peg sometimes he still hugged teddy bears
So they sneaked in the living room and piled all the pillows up
And made it a rocket ship to fly in
And the bears were their girls and boys and they were the astronauts
Who lived on the moon with one pet lion

...And glad to just be, glad to just be, glad to just be me
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