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Heaven Knows Lyrics

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Heaven Knows Lyric

Faith Evans Lyrics
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Heaven Knows Ooh
Heaven only knows
Heaven only knows
How much I love you baby
How i much I need you baby
Don't want you to leave me no no
Whoo ooh
Heaven's in your arms

Baby please
Please dont take your love from me
I am yours forever more
Til eternity
Listen to the words I say
Now I'm not talkin just for play
Listen to me please

Heaven knows
Its not the way it should be
Heaven knows
Its not the way it could be
Don't you know
There's no need to leave no no
Heaven knows
I never wanna leave you
Heaven knows
I only wanna please you
Don't you know
There's no need to leave oh no
Oh no no no no
Don't go

Down inside
Don't get caught with foolish pride
Put all the other things aside
Theres' only you and me yeah
Believe in us
We were always meant to be
Me for you and you for me
Til eternity oh

Heaven knows
Its not the way
Heaven knows
Noo oh babe
Don't you know
Love is what I need ooh I
Heaven knows
Heaven knows
Ooh baby
Don't you know
Dont you know dont you know love is what i need

Cuz I love ya
And I need ya
Yes I want ya
Gotta have ya
Ooh baby
Where were you
When I need you ooh

Heaven only knows
Heaven only knows
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Said heaven only knows
That I love you babe
I said I feel real good
When im with u
Baby you know just what to do
You love me right
You love me good
Always love me like you should now
Heaven only knows

Heaven knows
Lord knows I need ya
Heaven knows
I'll do anything to be with ya
Don't you know
Cuz I love ya, love ya, I love I love I love
Heaven knows
Oooh I love you
Heaven knows
Don't you know
Baby love is what I need oooh
Heaven knows
Oooh yeah

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