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Danke Schoen

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Danke Schoen Song Lyrics

Wayne Newton
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Danke Schoen Danke Schoen, darling Danke Schoen.
Thank you for all the joy and pain.
Picture shows, second balcony, was the place we'd meet, second seat, go Dutch treat, you were sweet.

Danke schoen, darling, danke schoen
Save those lies, darling don't explain
I recall Central Park in fall
How I tore my dress, what a mess
I confess that's not all

Danke Schoen, darling Danke Schoen.
Thank you for walks down lovers lane.
I can see, hearts carved on a tree, letters inter-twined, for all time, yours and mine, that was fine.

Danke Schoen, darling Danke Schoen.
Thank you for funny cards from Spain.
I recall, Central Park in fall, how you tore your dress, what a mess, I confess, that's not all.

Danke Schoen, darling Danke Schoen.
Thank you for seeing me again.
Though we go, on our seperate ways, still the memory stays, for always, my heart says, Danke Schoen.

Danke Schoen, Auf Wiedersehn, Danke Schoen.
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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