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If You Believe

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If You Believe Song Lyrics

Irving Berlin
Face the Music Soundtrack - Musical, 2007
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If You Believe [Verse:]
And sisters
You non-believers, listen
You better start to believe
All you doubters
Be "hallelujah shouters"
Or else you're going to grieve
There's no time to wait
You may be too late
So, listen
You don't know what you're missin'
Until you start to believe

If you believe that there's a heaven
You'll get to heaven
If you believe

If you believe that there are angels
You'll see the angels
If you believe

I'm not making promises
To the doubting Thomases

But if you believe the Lord can help you
The Lord will help you
If you believe

-We do, we do, we do
Do you believe?
-We do, we do, we do
Do you believe?
-We do, we do, we do
Well, Jonah went out one night in a gale
Do you believe that?
-We do, we do, we do
Soon, he was swallowed up by a whale
Do you believe that?
-We do, we do, we do
Daniel lay down with lions that roared
Noah was on his ark when it poured
Moses looked up and he spoke to the Lord
Do you believe that?
Do you believe that? We do
-We do, we do
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