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5 Years

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5 Years Song Lyrics

The Twenty Twos
Elektra Soundtrack - Movie, 2005
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5 Years I think you're about to hit the ground
Cause I know, baby, that you get around
Looking at the best thing that I've ever seen
I don't think that there's enough in between

Take a look at what your love can do
Five years breaking hearts in two
Still I don't want nobody else
Too busy thinking 'bout myself
Too busy thinking 'bout myself

Well, you and your lips they taste just right
Like candy to my mouth
Oh, when you're dressed up to the nines
Boy you make me just want to howl

How do you ever leave my mind?
Cause when you pick me up and spin me 'round
Oh, you make everything alright
Yeah yeah, alright

Put on the smile you used to wear in better days
And forget about the words then say them anyway
Just get straight and baby you could have it all
Cause I think that everything's worth fighting for

You tear me up 'til I've got nothing to say
But these tears are gonna give me away
Wish I could go back to the start
And come to you with open arms
And tell you all my lonely heartaches
Instead I sit here waiting on my own
For someone who's never gonna come home
Still I don't want nobody else
Too busy thinking 'bout myself
Too busy thinking 'bout myself, yeah

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
You're alright, yeah yeah, alright
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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